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Please share your stories with us on how Bimini's Best Health Treats are being enjoyed by your dogs.

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"I have three Belgian Malinois and two Cardigan  Corgis.  Of the five dogs, three have no preference, they loved both the  Blueberry/Banana flavor and the Peanut Butter/Honey flavored treats, equally.  My female Malinois preferred the Blueberry & Banana flavored treats, and my 10 yr old male Malinois preferred the Peanut Butter & Honey flavored treats.  I like the fact that they have human grade  ingredients, and are USA made.  I am so glad your products were brought to  my attention."

Bonnie Craig, Michigan (& Woody, Rudy, Piper, Ricki & Tripp)  


 "Louie & Karma Jean LOVED the blueberry & banana dog treats that I bought off of Amazon.com.  I have a few different types of treats, and typically make my own since you never really know what is put into dog food these days.  However, finding Bimini's treats is like finding gold!  They are all natural, made from organic foods, low fat, soy and corn free, and most importantly, gluten free.  They are also made here in the U.S.A.!  Way to go Bimini!"


P. J. Cloud, California


 "I purchased both flavors of treats.  Wow!  My dogs absolutely love them! Last night my lab-mix was barking at the cupboard where we keep them.  My greyhound has been a bit more subtle;  she simply came and got me from the bedroom, walked me into the kitchen and led me to the cupboard. It was like she was Lassie, and Timmy was down in the well- she kept turning around to make sure I was following her!  She's definitely not the chow hound, and is actually pretty reserved most of the time, so for her to do this was really funny!  I think Bimini's got a pretty tasty snack here!"


D. P. Tso, New Jersey



"This is Lola of The Lola Project with her sister Karma - THEY LOVE YOUR TREATS!!!!"


Britney Digilio, New York




"It was nice meeting you yesterday at Paws in the Park.  My dogs love your Peanut Butter and Honey treats." 


Sabrina, Topeka, KS

The two Shiba Inus.....

Far left, Bolin, aged 1 yr and 4 months.

Right hand side, Sheba, age, not totally sure! 

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