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Bimini's pet supplements are made with the highest quality ingredients that are sourced from US suppliers. Whether its soft chews, tablets, chewable tablets, capsules, powders, gels or liquids everything is made in the US. 

The most desirable supplements come in the soft chew form which gives the pet a more natural mouth feel. If you don't like pilling your dog or cat and you don't want the residue of the powder lingering in the bowl then a soft chew is the way to go.

Chewable tablets are more like regular tablets and less like soft chews. The difference between a chewable tablet and regular tablets is that the chewable ones crumble more easily.  

Bimini's pet treats are made with only three human grade ingredients and a vitamin. Although we can make many different kinds of treats, we choose to make ours gluten-free, corn-free and soy-free with all organic ingredients. 

The picture below shows our blueberry/banana treats. They are made with real blueberries and real bananas. The blueberry pieces are even visible.  


 Our supplements are made in different forms, shapes and sizes.

Soft Chews


Chewable Tablets



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