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At Bimini LLC we provide your company with private label pet supplements and custom manufacture pet supplements, functional treats, treats and foods. We cover all aspects of product development from label design and artwork to manufacturing and packaging and we work with you to help differentiate your products.

For smaller operators we are happy to provide short runs (small volume orders). 

Our private label pet supplements come in various forms including soft chews, tablets, chewable tablets, powders, capsules and liquids (usually requires larger volumes). Our prices include the product, standard packaging (white plastic jars, cap and seal) and the printing and application of the finished label that you supply. We currently offer the following options for private label:

  1. Dog Antioxidant and vitamin soft chews
  2. Dog Calming(anxiety) soft chews
  3. Dog Omega-3 soft chews
  4. Dog Skin and Coat soft chews
  5. Dog Hip and joint Glucosamine-based soft chews
  6. Dog Pain Management soft chews
  7. Dog Digestive enzymes soft chews
  8. Dog Immune soft chews
  9. Dog bladder care soft chews
  10. Dog probiotics powder and soft chews
  11. Petite Dog/Cat kidney health soft chews
  12. High Quality Fish Oils and Softgels

and many others.....

Call 1 800 948 9089 or email information@biminipethealth.com   

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