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Dog Hip & Joint testimonials

Please share your stories with us on how Bimini's Best Dog Hip & Joint Health Supplement is helping your dogs. Email us at information@biminipethealth.com.

Here are some beautiful dogs who had had hip and joint problems enjoying the benefits of Bimini's Best Hip and Joint Health Supplement.  Help your dog have a better quality of life. Order Bimini's Best today.  Click here to order.


Reduce pain in dogs

"My dog AJ is 12 years young and since he started taking Bimini's dog supplement I can see a noticeable difference in how he feels after going on hikes and exercise. At his age arthritis is an issue and he was slowing down a little but he is back to full speed! Thanks Bimini Pet Health!" - Dwain Hardwick, Mira Loma, CA


"My 11-year-old dog has enjoyed Bimini's dog supplement, and they seem to help his arthritis, even in the cold, wet weather we've had the past month. Thanks!" - Cathy Kofoid, Topeka, KS



Manage pain in dogs 



“My six year old Bernese Mountain Dog was showing signs of mobility issues associated with aging. He moved with obvious discomfort and his daily walks had diminished to 15 minutes. After just a few days of taking Bimini’s hip and joint product his youthful vitality started to return. He is back playing with his sister, has more energy, and has doubled his walking time. He is a big dog of 120 pounds so he takes 3-4 canine chews a day. He loves them and comes running when he hears me getting them out of the cabinet. I love this product because of the healthy ingredients and the outstanding results” - Buddha and Stacy McCarthy, Rancho Santa Fe, CA.

Buddha before:

Buddha after:


Hip and Joint problems in dogs

"My 11-year-old Greyhound, "Jack" has some trouble with arthritis and is also finicky about what he'll eat. I started him on Bimini's Best Dog Hip & Joint Supplement about 3 weeks ago and he absolutely loves them. This is a major deal because he's really picky about those types of things! Its does seem to be helping him. He's in better spirits and his appetite has improved as well. Thanks Bimini Health!" - Laurie Bird


“We have a 9 ½ year old Doberman, Nala who has been having ongoing mobility issues given her age and size. She used to be very playful and loved going for long walks and trail runs, however her back hips have gotten significantly weaker with age and she has been prone to losing her balance and falling. We have tried a number of products, most recently Bimini’s Best Dog Hip & Joint Health Supplement. My children call it the “miracle pill”. Within a few days of taking it Nala was perkier, playful and generally seemed much happier. She is more agile and I have started taking her for walks again. I am very pleased to see such quick results and I feel better about giving her a natural active ingredient chew that she loves to eat. I would recommend Bimini’s Best to anyone who has a dog with age related mobility issues.”  -Wanda Meloni, San Diego, CA


"I use the "Joint Health" for Cooper and JJ. Cooper has been tearing around the house like a puppy. I have to wonder if this product is doing more than I thought it would. I know that they look so forward to taking it. Since my guy's are small, I give one whole chew, once a week."  Katie Meyer, Davidsonville, MD.



My greyhound has a tendency to come up lame from time to time. Even walks around the neighborhood can leave my ex-racer visibly stiff the next day. Discussed this supplement with my vet as an alternative to prescription pain meds (which caused a negative side effect.) With my vet's OK, I started my dog with one supplement chew a day. We are up to two a day as per the label instructions. No visible adverse effects, and I think my dog is more comfortable when on the supplements. She takes them no problem- they must taste great- and comes into the kitchen for her "treat" when she hears the bag open.” - Diane Tso, Short Hills, NJ.



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