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Cat Kidney Health Supplement Testimonials

Please share your stories with us on how Bimini's Best Cat Kidney Health Supplement is helping your cats. Email us at information@biminipethealth.com

Here is a beautiful cat who had had kidney problems enjoying the benefits of Bimini's Best Cat Kidney Health Supplement.  Help your cat have a better quality of life. Order Bimini's Best today.

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Armani suffers from Kidney failure ..loss of appetite ..loss of social interactions..lethargic most of the time..and here after a few days of using Bimini Kidney supplement..he is eating by himself..and drinking less and is sleeping much better..I use to have to hand feed him with food and a spoon but now he is doing it on his own
Armani is in Renal Failure which is kidney failure..for most of his little life he had to be hand fed..or force fed by spoon because of his condition and I contacted a company who has a supplement for kidney failure ...So I am trying it and have noticed a good improvement..less runs to the potty..and his appetite has increased..he is actually walking around more..and investigating again..and is looking for food constantly..THIS is a PLUS...I am glad Bimini products came up with this form of supplement

Armanis first video after taking the Bimini supplement..Eating Kibble..normally his loss of appetite had him failing and dropping a tremendous amount of weight but after a day or two on Bimini Kidney supplement there has been a substantial change..the second and third video 2211 and 2206 he is not only eating his food but he in fact was eating the dogs food..

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