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I decided to interview our Chief Scientific Office and co-founder, Sam Al-Murrani PhD, of Bimini to understand his thoughts behind developing the Bimini’s Best ™ product line.  Read on and let me know what you think and if you have any other questions for him.


Why did you decide to make a Cat Kidney Health Supplement?

This product was designed to fill a need in the market for products that support kidney function and maintain healthy kidneys in cats of 6 years and older.  There really is not that much out there but there is a big need from cat owners.  I felt compelled to help them.


What else is out there?

There are other supplements, foods and pharmaceuticals that are used in the management of health and disease of the kidneys however none that we know of in the chew format that we have.  We focused on making it an enjoyable experience for the cat and owner.  It is very difficult to produce a functional health supplement that all cats will like.  So we spent a lot of time and effort on palatability.  I cannot tell you how many versions we made.

How would you recommend using Bimini’s Best cat Kidney Health Supplement?

I would recommend giving it to any healthy cat over 6 years old. This aids in maintaining healthy kidney function for a longer period of time and may prevent or postpone any clinical issues from occurring at later stages in life.  This is a preventive approach but it will enhance health for a longer period of time.

What should I do if my cat will not eat it?

It is acceptable out of the bag for most cats (60%) but for more discerning cats keep with it…crumble with food, camouflage with a treat or other inducements that the cat is likely to take.  One customer mixed it with baby food and syringed it in to her cat’s mouth.

What are you hearing back from cat owners using you cat kidney health supplement?

One of my favorite stories is Armani.  His mom emailed us and told us how she had tried everything to help Armani who was born with renal issues.  She had to feed him baby food with a syringe and he did not sleep soundly.  After taking the kidney health supplement he ate his food, the dogs and was begging for scrap.  She was so happy to see Armani in a better place.  We live for these stories and videos.

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