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Our Mission: To close the health gap between humans and their pets by providing high quality custom manufactured and private labeled pet supplements, treats and oils with high quality service. 

We believe in "one health" in that our health and health of our pets are linked. Therefore, we approach manufacturing pet products with that philosophy in mind. Where possible the ingredients that we use to make many of our pet products, whether pet supplements, pet treats or pet oils are human grade, meaning they are fit for human consumption. 

We source our ingredients within the US and all our products are made and packaged in the USA.

Our products whether supplements, health treats or oils and are not intended to replace a full and balanced diet for pets. However, together with good nutrition our supplements, treats and oils will help support and maintain healthy pets and with that hopefully, happy pet parents. 

About Our Products

Our pet products are designed to be highly differentiated from other products on the market.

The supplements are designed with the highest quality raw materials all sourced in the US. The ingredients are "cold pressed" and not extruded and our chews have a very low water activity allowing them to have a long shelf life of up to two years in the package and several months after the package is open.

In addition to regular treats we offer our customers the ability to make healthy organic, filler-free (gluten-free also available) treats in many shapes and sizes using human grade and mostly ingredients that are also all sourced and procured in the US.

Our fish oils can be supplied in liquid form or encapsulated in gels and are of the highest quality and also made with human grade fish oils.

Best of all we strive to be responsive and work to help our customers succeed, because if they do we do too. Give us a call today. We look forward to speaking with you. 

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