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Bimini will be handing out discount coupons for Functional Pet Health Supplements for cats and dogs at the Southern California Pet Expo, Long Beach, February 2nd, Booth # 240

Bimini Pet Health,  a leader and innovator for unique pet health supplement formulas for cat and dogs announces that they will be attending the Southern California Pet Expo in Long Beach, CA, booth # 240.  Bimini will be handing out heavily discounted coupons to anyone that comes by the booth or anyone that “likes” Bimini Pet Health’s Facebook page.  Bimini’s Dog Hip and Joint health supplement is helping to provide dogs with discomfort relief that affords them a better quality of life.  The cat kidney health supplement fills a big gap in the market as a high percentage of cats have kidney issues.  Taking this supplement can help maintain healthy organs as usually 75% of kidney function is lost at the time of diagnosis.  It can also help cats go back to eating again and acting more normally if they have been told they have renal issues.

“Seeing the testimonials that our customers post on You Tube makes us all so happy,” said Julie Bryant, CEO of Bimini. “We are seeing dogs that were having problems walking and climbing stairs acting perky and lively after using our dog health supplement.  This is what motivates us every day.  We want to give dogs and cats a better quality of life.”


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