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Bimini, LLC launches Bimini's Best Dog Hip & Joint Health product to be sold exclusively through veterinarian offices at the AVMA meeting in San Diego

San Diego, California, July 31st, 2012  - 

Bimini, LLC a scientific leader and innovator for cat and dog products announces the release of a new, differentiated product for Dog Hip & Joint Health that will be sold exclusively through veterinarian offices.  

At Bimini, we are aware that the aging process is a natural process that occurs in all animals. Aging does not affect only one organ or body system but affects all organs and body functions. Dogs unlike most other species have undergone a large degree of selective breeding, this adds to the regular wear and tear associated with the aging process itself rendering some breeds of dogs more prone to changes that come with age faster. Mobility is a perfect example of this where dogs that are from larger breeds exhibit hip and joint and overall mobility problems earlier than others. To this end our product is formulated with actives that help lubricate the joints and reduce the chances for developing inflammation and the impact of pain on the dog. “We are very excited about providing a unique product for dog’s hip and joints to help improve their vitality and quality of life as they age delivered in the form of a tasty chew.” said Julie Bryant of Bimini, LLC.  “We are working with veterinarian offices throughout the US and gaining great acceptance and receiving a lot of positive feedback  from pet owners”.
About Bimini, LLC.
Bimini was founded by scientists who want to provide cats and dogs with high quality, unique products to support dog and cat health and the proper function of their organ systems. Cats are different from dogs and both are very different from humans but the market continues to provide pet parents with watered down versions of human products for use for their pets.
Dogs and cats have different biology, biochemistry and, genetics, they have different bacteria that inhabit their gut and an overall metabolism that is unique to each of them and different from humans. Therefore, Bimini was launched to design and produce the highest quality cat and dog specific products made in the USA and backed by scientific evidence. For more information, please visit the company's web site at www.BiminiHealth.com.

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