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Bimini, LLC announces Bimini's Best Cat Kidney Health Chews to be sold exclusively through veterinarian offices

Bimini, LLC, a scientific leader and innovator for cat and dog products for a better quality of life, announces the release of a new product for Cat Kidney Health that will be sold exclusively through veterinarian clinics.
At Bimini, we are aware that some subtle age-related physical changes may develop into more severe conditions if steps are not taken to lessen their impact. We are, therefore, applying scientific knowledge and research to develop unique, innovative, and natural ingredient products that support normal healthy kidney function. Our Cat Kidney Health Chew contains an active ingredient that supports normal blood flow to reduce the chances of developing hypertension. Additionally, inflammation is a normal protective body response to infection, injury or destruction of tissues, which serves to destroy, dilute, or wall off both the injurious agent and the injured tissues. Because older cats are less adaptable a normal inflammatory response may occasionally get out of control . To this end our product is formulated with another active ingredient that helps support normal inflammatory activity within the kidneys so that it does not become a chronic inflammatory condition.
“We reviewed what was in the market and felt there was a desperate need for products that can help cats with kidney issues. As a result we did a lot of research to find a unique blend of natural actives to help attain normal kidney function”, said Julie Bryant of Bimini. “We also worked on many formulations to make sure we had a tasty chew that cats would enjoy eating and we succeeded. Our goal is to provide cats and dogs with a better quality of life”.
About Bimini, LLC.
Bimini was founded by scientists who want to provide cats and dogs with high quality, unique products to support dog and cat health and the proper function of their organ systems. Cats are different from dogs and both are very different from humans and we want to develop products that are specific to their genetic make up.
Dogs and cats have different biology, biochemistry and, genetics, they have different bacteria that inhabit their gut and an overall metabolism that is unique to each of them and different from humans. Therefore, Bimini was launched to design and produce the highest quality cat and dog specific products made in the USA and backed by scientific evidence.

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