Bimini's Best Dog Hip and Joint Health Supplement

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No Glucosamine! No Chondroitin! No MSM!

Bimini’s Best™ Dog Hip & Joint Health Supplement is designed to support and maintain normal healthy hips and joints in dogs one year of age and older. The supplement may also help reduce pain in dogs that can occasionally develop as a result of normal daily activities or as part of the normal aging process. As a pet owner you can increase the chances for your dog to live a happy, healthy life by implementing a proactive plan to feed high quality foods in addition to dose form health supplements that are designed to help enhance the health of your dog's organ systems. Our Health Supplement has been scientifically developed with Fish Oil, Cat's Claw root extract and Willow Bark extract. The combination acts to help manage pain that may occasionally develop as part of normal daily activity and support a normal inflammatory process.

Manage pain in dogs

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